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Excelsior Springs: Opportunity

Excelsior Springs

In 2018, Excelsior Springs, Missouri became one of the select few communities in the United States to receive not one but two federally designated Opportunity Zones. The City of Excelsior Springs has expanded its “Open for Business” attitude further to include land development, downtown re-development, multi-family and structured in-fill (land assemblage) housing, small business growth, and industrial expansion.

The Excelsior Springs Opportunity Zones are two census tracts covering the majority of Excelsior Springs proper located in Clay County. (US Census Tract 217.01 and 217.02).

The City of Excelsior Springs works openly to encourage business growth and individual economic vitality. Developers and Business investors have the potential to leverage Opportunity Zones to help their return on investment and support the community’s sustainable quality of life.

Download the Excelsior Springs, Missouri OppZone FAQ


City of Excelsior Springs
201 E. Broadway
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


Phone: (816) 630-0752
or (816) 630-0756                  
Fax: (816) 630-4424


City of Excelsior Springs
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Please contact us for more information on Excelsior Springs Opportunity Zone Investments.